Souls don’t come in different sizes

Souls don’t come in different sizes
This weekend while I was on a date with my 15 year old at the mall, I was observing humanity. I love doing that. I noticed this theme. How we talk down to children. Not only with our words but with our body language. We don’t get down to their level. It got me thinking…
Have you ever been in a situation where you’ve uttered the words “you’re treating me like a child!” or “don’t talk to me like I’m a child!” I know I sure have. That feeling I had as an adult screaming those words out was that I was being belittled, invalidated, talked down to, made to feel small, insignificant. Yuck.
How often do we make children feel that way? So much so that it has it’s own phrase, right? We use it as adults. That can’t be good. So why do we feel like it’s ok to talk down to children? Because they are smaller than us? What have we, as adults, done that has earned us the right to do so?
Time. Education. Experience. We have those all under our belts. We’ve seen some s**t, done some s**t, and learn some s**t. For me, that was definitely the case. When my buttons would get pushed my ego would yell out righteously because I certainly knew more than my children and that gave me the right to stand high and mighty over them. It was awful. Damaging. Disconnected.
What I learned was that souls don’t come in different sizes. A soul is a person’s essence. Who they are and who they will become. My soul is equal to all (thank you Deepak Chopra for that one!), even my child’s. Which means we are on a level playing field. When our souls are on the same level, of the same size, equal…then we can connect at that level. We can meet a person as they are. It is much simpler to see a child for who they are when we realize this, accept this. Diagnoses and behaviors don’t get in the way. Age and titles are gone. You are just relating human being to human being. It is amazing.
So what’s left? Time, education and experience. Those are the things adults are here to teach and children are here to learn. Sometimes, I’ve found, children are here to teach and the adults are here to learn. When I connect soul to soul, my children are able to learn from me instead of me teaching down to them. I am able to give them the time they need because I have no agenda. And we both gain experiences along the way as we connect…just souls having fun.
This lesson has been one of my greatest lessons. I am so grateful for it!
With love,