Parents are couples, and couples are amazing! From ones who are just starting out and want to be on a good path with a solid foundation, to ones who have been together what seems like forever and are thinking of ending it…love is in all of it, relationship too…and I just love, LOVE!

Relationships are hard. There is just no two ways about that. We struggle most days to handle our own stuff, let alone adding another’s into the mix. And then, add in a kidlet or several. WHOA!

Making space for another person’s personality differences, sleep schedule, eating habits, values, desires, and past…can be tricky. There is a lot to unpack there. They don’t call it baggage for nothin!

Sometimes you just need a neutral person. You need someone who can help you to remember what’s what and who’s who. So you don’t blend together. To remember there is a you, a them, and the relationship itself. And how to navigate growth while in the relationship…and how to do that all while raising a family. Ya know, giving your kiddos a childhood they don’t have to recover from. It’s a lot.

And sometimes when couples don’t work out, you need to know how to unravel the connection. How to divorce without destruction. How to take the relationship out of the picture and keep the you and the them. How to divorce with dignity and not put the kids in the middle. Having someone who has been there and done that, can be a useful tool when it feels like it’s all crumbling down.

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