Seek first to understand

Seek first to understand
This article is close to home. Not only with the child’s name and age, but also with him being handcuffed at school. Too many times my own son was handcuffed when it was not necessary. It is never necessary.When our first reaction is one of judgement and fear, the result is separation. Separation breeds pain and more fear. More judgement. Misunderstandings. Hurt. Traumatization. It is not the path we want to go down, ever. Especially with a heart and mind as easy to shape as a child’s.

When we seek first to understand, the result is connection. This leads to empathy, compassion, love. Healing and hope. These are the words of our future.

Let us remember that the children we traumatized today become the adults we must help heal tomorrow. When left unhealed, eventually the ones we end up protecting ourselves from.

It is much easier to keep a child whole than to constantly try to repair the damages once broken. Let us seek to connect rather than tear apart.