Embracing my journey,owning my gift..A STRONG SOUL…may my suffering be of service

Embracing my journey,owning my gift..A STRONG SOUL…may my suffering be of service

May my suffering be of service…

Over the last few months I have been sharing glimpses into my life, my story with you. You have been gracious. Accepting. Supportive. Amazing. Yesterday I even had one comment from a follower thanking me for being so transparent. From another showing gratitude for being real. Not all sunshine and butterflies. I am moved.
Last month I was honored to be a part of Danielle LaPorte’s WHITE HOT TRUTH book launch team. This was an amazing gift for me. To be in a group of like minded seekers on their journey, was amazing. To have access to this beautiful read ahead of time, a treasure. Her words resonated deeply in my soul. Had me raising my hands in “hell yes’s” and giggling with girlish delight as I found myself in her truthiness.
But one moment in the book, one deep share, had the boys and I connecting so profoundly to our  journeys… that I have carried it with me every day since.
I had chosen to share only part of the book with them. Test it out. See how it landed. As I shared the audio book in my van with them and the following excerpt played through my speakers, we found ourselves. We found our own truth. It was…transformative.
An excerpt from LaPorte’s WHITE HOT TRUTH

“For the first few weeks when Jerry walked by, I’d go into the kitchen to make tea because I just

couldn’t bear to watch. And then I remembered something my mom said to me when I was a little girl. We saw a very gnarled man in a wheelchair, painstakingly making his way across the street. My mom noticed the angsty concern on my face.

“Strong Soul,” she said, as we waited on the corner. “People like him have Souls that can take it.”

Believing her words didn’t take away the pain I felt, and I’m not sure if it would have comforted the man in the wheelchair either. But it dissolved my pity—and made room for the most immense kind of respect. Now when I witness suffering, one of my internal responses to that person is reverence. You’re an incredible being for taking this on.”

Wow. Strong Soul.

It just hit the boys and I. They were saying “that’s me Mom” and “That makes me feel better!” and “can we listen to more?! It just felt so…good. Why?

Because all of our lives we’ve be conditioned to believe that if horrible, awful things happen TO you, then you are weak. A victim. That you wanted it. That you are cursed. And believe me, like I posted previously about power, we do call things in to help us weed out the junk. The crap that we’ve been fed that keeps us powerless. But we have it all backwards.


Have you ever met those people who are just crushed by their situations? Struggles? Whom life has handed things to and they just can’t seem to get out from under? They have believed that they are powerless and not strong. That it’s all for nothing. The whole point is to suffer needlessly. I don’t subscribe to that.

And then there are those who have been through and enormous amount of stuff and people are always telling them how strong they are? How they are an inspiration? How they have no idea how they could have made it to where they are today because if that person was in their shoes, they would have quit a long time ago? Yeah, those are the strong souls.


Autism, murder, sexual abuse, Narcissistic marriage…whatever it is that I have been through…my soul was strong enough for it and I believed there had to be a reason for it. A lesson. A gift of some sort…even in hindsight. I found a way to survive and now I go beyond that to THRIVING.

My kiddos, being the amazing rock stars they are, have already begun to embrace this. They stand up in their classes and tell their peers about being differently-abled and how it makes them unique, not an outsider. They talk to strangers and share their story, so others don’t have to face being bullied or handcuffed. They are super strong souls. I am lucky to bear witness to their brilliance.
So then what is all the suffering and pain for?
Another excerpt from Danielle’s book
“When the suffering is almost intolerable. When you’ve had all you think you can take. When you can’t comprehend what the gift in the pain might be. When “making progress” is painful to consider…
There’s this:
May my suffering be of service.
At the very least.
May some good come of this.
If not for me, for someone else.
Some good.
At the very least.
May my suffering be of service.
It’s a sublime Buddhist approach to pain. When you’re in hell, the notion that your agony might have some divine utility can help you endure. It’s a Light ray of reason, a thread of meaning that you can grab onto in deep confusion.
Your pain and suffering are of service. When you’re on the other side of it, your I’ve-been-through-it wisdom is going to comfort someone else, perhaps many people, profoundly. And when you’re in the real-time agony, it’s a contribution even then. You are burning energetic pathways. You’re clearing space, and rectifying, and learning—you’re coming to know your Soul.
It’s a prayer, really: May my suffering be of service”.
So, my loves. Whatever you are being challenged by this very minute…take heart. You are so strong. Even if you don’t feel it. I am right there by your side. Lovin you up every damn minute of your journey.
Because my suffering _has_ been of service. I’ve gleaned much wisdom from it. Much acceptance. And hot dog can I comfort like no body’s business! And these days, life sure is a lot clearer. Lighter. Happier.
From one strong soul to another…you got this.
All the love,