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Hi! I’m Nikki,

and I am SO glad you’ve stopped by to connect with me! 

After spending much of my life feeling victim to my circumstances, depressed, powerless, and like a failure as a parent…a family tragedy gave me the push I needed to wake up. Life is interesting that way. We never know when our wake-up call will come. For me, it was the murder of my sister and niece. Smack!

I couldn’t run. I couldn’t hide. My life was staring me in the face asking me a million heavy questions. I’ve spent the last 8 years answering. Reconnecting to myself. Redefining my relationships. And getting to know my kids on a different level.

8 years. It didn’t happen overnight. I put in a lot of work. But it’s been worth it. Boy has it been worth it. It’s really turned out to be a glorious and beautiful life! Not all sunshine and rainbows, but there is a deep inner joy that can’t be shaken now.

With this new life I’ve carved out for myself, has come a passion to see our world and the people in it, become more connected. To themselves. To each other. Most definitely to the beautiful little humans we call children. To leave it better than I found it…for the next generation. I want to give children a childhood they don’t have to recover from.

Using my personal story, I spread a message of hope, love, compassion, strength, and possibility! In assisting others to think differently than they ever have, I help them to create better futures than they ever thought possible

I encourage others to think beyond the traditional roles set by society, to embrace their inner wisdom, and to connect in ways they’ve never experienced. By inspiring perspective shifts, I aim to help humankind find empowerment and  to take another look at how they view their current relationships with other human beings of all ages and abilities.

Ghandi once said that we should be the change we wish to see in this world. I’m on a mission to inspire humans to take on that statement.

This website is full of inspiration for you! It is my heart and soul written down as I add my loving touch to the wounds of our planet in an effort to help us collectively heal. Have a look around. Subscribe so you feel a little Nikki hug in your inbox from time to time. I’ll be there. Cheering you on.

Follow the boys and I on social media and reach out to us. We LOVE hearing from you. Ask questions and share your stories. It’s all connection and that’s what we are all about. Don’t be shy.

And my favorite… YOU can have me speak at your school, conference, or organization’s next pow-wow! Sharing my story is my favorite thing to do. Inspiring others and connecting face to face…answering questions and giving hugs, that is what really lights me up. I want to meet you!

So, no matter who you are or how you came to my page, I am so glad you did. I look forward to learning about where you are in your life and where you’d like to go!

All my love…all of it,
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Aurung Camassa, Scotland, Kingdom

I’ve always enjoyed Nikki’s outlook on life, so positive and grounded, full of fun. There’s never a day goes by that her shares, comments, or blog, don’t reach out and ring an internal bell somewhere. I love the truth of her, her honesty and passion. Aurung Camassa

Deb Ramacher, MSW

I had the pleasure of meeting Nikki in a professional capacity, as a colleague in a non-profit organization for which we both worked. I was immediately drawn to her open-hearted, honest and kind personality. There was a light that seemed to emanate from Nikki, and I noticed that others were drawn in by that light